Visual Tool for Thoughts

An infinite canvas for your notes, medias and web browsing.

Kosmik is an infinite notebook you can take with you anywhere you go.
Involve clients, stakeholders and align everyone in one click.
Enable the creative spark that comes from serendipity - in a remote first environment.

An entire office online.

By using visual representation for every data, Kosmik is a great “virtual office”. Lay out files, images and post-it notes like you would on a wall in a war room. Kosmik is your new digital workplace.

Take Notes

The human mind works by association

The base act of organizing in Kosmik is simply placing digital objects together. These spatial arrangements holds an intuitive logic that goes beyond language, and is akin to how we design the world around us.

Better thinking.

Robert Propst used to say that what is out of sight is out of mind. Networked thoughts needs to be visualised to be truly useful. kosmik is an infinite canvas where you can draw, make visual connections while still offering you linked notes and hypertext power.

Magic Copy & Paste

When you “live copy” an element in Kosmik any modification to any instance of this element will affect the other. For example, if you change the color of a text in Document A and you live copied it to Document B, the color will change in Document B. It works between elements, and documents.

Networked documents.

By combining live copy, visual links and wikilinks you can build a network of live documents that will always be up to date and ready to help you when you start a new project.

Share your thoughts.

You can publish any Kosmik objects or universe to make it accessible to anyone with a single click. You can even allow people to re-use content from your boards. Any Kosmik board can be shared with your co-workers to work simultaneously on it.

We don’t care...

...About your personal information. It is encrypted end-to-end and we will never be able to look at it. Your password is not backed up on our servers except if you explicitly asks us to do so. You are in control.